Occasional visible gap between face and body mesh (ragdoll physics)

Dear Dev-Team,
for an installation I am working with topless Metahuman characters and ragdoll physics with a custom physics assett. Occasionally there is a visible gap between the torso and the face mesh.


Is there anything I could do to prevent this from happening?

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Would be great if anyone could give me a hint why this is happening. I suppose it is unresolvable, still I would like to understand whats going on.

Hi, I’m facing the same problem. When I apply physics for ragdoll the head and body disconects.

Well, I managed to find a solution. In the Character BP select Face (skeletal mesh component) and look for ‘Tick Group’, in COMPONENT TICK tab. Set it to ‘Post Physics’ or ‘Post Update Work’.



Hey Erik, I found a solution

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