Occasional "PxAggregate has exceeded the limit of 128 PxShapes"


I have an hierarchical instanced static mesh, and I’m adding to / removing instances from it.
At random I’ll get the error below, not happens, the game is stable, collision works as expected. Am I safe to continue and use HISM like this?



LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: (…\LowLevel\software\src\PxsAABBManager.cpp 540) eINTERNAL_ERROR : A PxAggregate has exceeded the limit of 128 PxShapes. Not all shapes of the aggregate will be added to the broapdhase
LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: (…\SimulationController\src\framework\ScElement.cpp 107) eINTERNAL_ERROR : Unable to create broadphase entity because only 32768 shapes are supported

I have the same issue, I’m using Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes as well. When I put down a large number of instances during gameplay, the console blurts out that error message a ton of times. It also happens when I remove a set of instances with RemoveInstances(). That function doesn’t even remove all of the instances I supplied, so there is definitely something wonky going on with the HISMs.

I am having the same issue. Is there anything to worry about except for the huge amount of error messages? Changing the transform for some of HISMC instances instead of “removing then adding” doesnt seem to be a viable option.

So what I did to stop the errors, was have a second HISM and then swap tiles in and out (update transform based on index).
This worked for me because of the system I was building, so it might be of use for you.

I did some further testing. It appeared that


is the one causing all the errors to pop. Other ECollisionEnabled modes seem to be ok. So do we really need ECollisionEnabled::QueryAndPhysics?

Physical collision is still valid as long as the static mesh collision is enabled, even if ECollisionEnabled is set to Query mode. Line trace works as usual in query mode but not in nocollision. I am not sure what other use cases would be needed for ECollisionEnabled::QueryAndPhysics.

Thanks pickersZ, I’ll test that out