Obtaining value from widget to bluprint

Hi. I need to obtain bool value from checkbox located in menu widget and transfer it to blueprint. When i do changes in checkbox my print function says, that nothing really change. Always is true even if i change check box. Please dont make me do it with event dispatchers thing. I dont know how to use it.


Here is a way to do it , when you create your “WG” and added it to the viewport Bind an event to “OnCheckStateChanged” , this event will be called each time you click your check box

Error Event signature error: Function cannot be used in delegate. OnCheckStateChanged (checkbox)

Most important thing in my question is like title says obtaining value in blueprint. Print function is only for check is everything is correct. I intend to use this varaible as condition in branch, but first i must correctly move from widget to blueprint.

In sum i have main menu in my game (and pause menu) called menu (widget). There is a checkbox (default checked). And i do transfer from widget to blueprint, but when i go into this menu unchecked box and go back into game closing widget (remove from parent ect.) its still “checked”. I can go to menu again and its still unchecked.
I hope I have explained this more precisely.

Its my first game and i have everything except menu and i never do migration of varaibles before, so thanks you for your patience.

I got it. Simply create new function in blueprint with input variable and call it in widget. In this function copy input values to new variable and use it in first function. Simple and clear. I know there is better way to do it by event dispatcher, but my method is easier.