Obtaining a new floor normal? Blueprints capable? [walk on walls/ceilings]

In attempt to try to make a custom 6 directional gravity system (I posted about here to no avail:…y-modes-with-c) I think I asked too big and daring of a question. Instead I want to retreat back to Blueprints to see if they can solve the problem.

What I don’t need: I do not need dynamic movement while the character is falling. It would be nice, but it is looking way too complicated, and isn’t necessary for my gameplay. Since this is a puzzle game, not an action game, I may be able to cheat and use another actor entirely and still not have collision problems if that is an option. My First-Person Character purposefully has no model, and will never manifest in game.

What I do need: I need the Player Character to be able to walk on walls and ceilings as if they were normal floors.
*A raycast needs to happen after the player rotates and falls in a new direction. This raycast would need to obtain a new floor and place the character in walking movement (rather than falling) when colliding with the wall (or ceiling, etc. a flat surface), and turn off physics so the player can move freely again.

To reduce complexity, I was going to create 6 “modes” of movement. I can map new force direction, Glimbal Lock patterns, camera systems, and everything else dependent on the Z axis.

I need to solve what value is raycasting for the floor, and what puts the player from falling state into walking state, with the floor below the feet being a new walkable surface. That would involve needing to make walkable surfaces change from Z to X and Y values.

Any ideas or blueprint parameters that could help with this?