Obtain a var to be used in all blueprints

I have been looking for this around the forums, but all I get is scarced answers. I know I have to place them in the game mode and make them public, but how do I get them in the other blueprints? What nodes do I have to use? Many thanks in advance.

Use a Get Game Mode node. Then cast the game mode to your game mode’s class. Now you have access to all of the variables in your game mode’s instance.

ANSWER: I have figured out that by creating a parent blueprint and right-clicking to create a child blueprint of that class it allows me to access the variables of its parent.

Thanks, will try that one.

Using a parent and child works if you want all of your items as a child blueprint. But if you want to get it in something else, like your level blueprint or gameMode or UMG etc then casting is how you will achieve it.