Obstructed placement warning on new door type

I switched out the mesh for the metal door and got it to the point that the doorframe can be placed on a foundation, however, on trying to place the new door in the doorframe i am getting the “obstructed” error.

I have checked collisions, they are very tight to the models, and for testing I shrunk the door so there is no way that anything could actually obstruct it.
Below I have screens of collisions and the obstruction warning…
Any suggestions would be very helpful.


Just because the static mesh of your door fits into a specific area, does not mean that the game is checking for collision on that specific size. Sometimes it will check a much larger area. You have to make sure that the collision bounds are set to the size of your door.

yeah my bounds for the collision are very tight to the meshes. Thanks though.
Any other ideas?

There are 2 things you need when doing placement detection
The right size collision of the object. ← If you look at the collision volumes/boxes of the default in game items most are much much much smaller then the 3d models.
The right size collision check of placement, there is a placement matrix in the placement section of the core blueprint (the 3d model one) ← This matrix is for checking an area larger/smaller then your collision mesh/volume/box

Ok, so in the screenshots I have the collision bounds on the items much like the collision bounds on the regular game assets fur structures. This is the collision settings on the mesh itself. Where is the other set of settings you mention?

Update. It must have nothing to do with collision, becuase when I remove collisions from the door it still has the issue.
Still looking for answers…
Edit:It has EVERYTHING to do with collisions, the pivot/snap point for the door pulls the door collision into the frame collision…
If I shrink the collisions on thedoor frame but dont remove them, then the door actually works. Which bears my next question:
1.How do I change where the door snaps, and
2. how to I create exceptions to collision, so the door could actually intersect the frame?