Obsidian Weapons Pack

I had to model a few items for my own project, Element-None.
I actually liked the way the first ones turned out, so I thought I would expand it into an entire pack and put them up on the marketplace.

Its been a long time since I have attempted art. Are these models something other Unreal users would be interested in buying?
The current plan is to add a halberd, hammer, great-shield, and dagger. Then I would release the 8 items as one pack.

Looks good. I would definitely get it if the price was good.

Here’s a picture in one of my scenes.

Here they are with the aura fx.

Here they are with alternate pallets.

Seriously cool stuff my dude. Great use of colour.

Submitted. Hoping to hear from Marketplace staff soon. Also updated the first post with a video.

One word: Inspirational!

Look forward to purchasing it in the Marketplace.