Obsidian RPG Weapons

Obsidian RPG Weapons has been released and is available now

This pack contains eight models perfect to round out the arsenal of any RPG. Six are melee weapons, and two are shields. All are made of obsidian and lava. They are well suited to pyromancers or fire elementals. They come with optional aura effect materials and optional alternate color material instances. These were all made via sculpting high-poly models then doing a low-poly retopologization and projection. The models are of a shield, great-shield, sword, great-sword, dagger, katana, halberd, and hammer.

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July 28, 2017

  • Obsidian RPG Weapons released.

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Looks good, my only suggestion is add a bow/mage staff. Looks like you have everything else covered.

Updated with a better preview image.

If you prefer to buy from Cubebrush, I also sell there!