Observer: No Crosshair

I’m currently trying to find a way to remove the dot crosshair from the game Observer. I found out that the game uses the Unreal Engine, and I’m wondering if there are any INI settings that might be applicable.

The game downloads with mostly blank INI files:


I’m also working on extracting files from TheObserver-WindowsNoEditor.pak in search of any files that might be able to be edited; I’ve read that the files do not need to be repacked in order for the game to run.

Any information that can help would be greatly appreciated.

Unpacking TheObserver-WindowsNoEditor.pak and then renaming it forces the game to use the loose files. If Observer\TheObserver\Content\FirstPerson\Textures\FirstPersonCrosshair.uasset is then deleted or renamed, two things happen:

  1. The crosshair dot is removed from the game.
  2. The game starts with an error window titled “Message” which reads:

Opening the file in a hex editor reveals limited information, and zeroing out arbitrary bits yielded either no results, the same results, or total crashes.

I’m sure I could write an AutoHotKey script to acknowledge the warning, but some way to suppress this message box would be preferred. (A total INI solution would be ideal!)

Once again, my thanks for any help or insight.

Hey, I’ve run into a similar issue and have been trying to solve it for quite a while. Have you found any solution to your problem ?