Obscure Problem with MoveForward Function

hey guys :raising_hand_man: i hope u can help me with a pretty obscure problem ^^

Well im creating just a simple Staminasystem for my little Game and its working like a charm except 1 thing i cant get to work properly…

System is = Player press ShiftKey → if hes moving stamina will be drained else Staminabar will be unchanged.

So when im moving left and right its working properly but when im going forward and back it dont work and i cant get the problem here :man_shrugging: Tried it now 3 Days by myself but it wont work …

Here is the simple Staminasystem:

So my Character is moving properly but the Stamina wont get drained when im moving forward and backward only when im moving left and right …

Here is my Function for left and right its pretty much the same as MoveForward:

Here my Bindings:

And finaly my PlayerInputComponents:

So well in my opinion everything is fine but it seems to be impossible for me to find the part thats not working… Yeah im sad sorry and maybe the whole thing is sad too…im sorry :3

Log the bIsMoving, bIsShiftKeyPressed and CurrentStamina on tick or something and see if you see a difference between MoveRight and MoveForward.
Also what is calling the logic under // Staminasystem?

Hey :raising_hand_man:

now i found out that when im doin this only for MoveForward its working properly.
when im doin it for both MoveForward and MoveRight than only MoveRight works.

Im trying to setup something kinda Statemachine. Lets see if i can handle it.

Ok so after some more logging it looks like MoveForward dont change the bIsMoving Value to true.
Pretty Strange …

Alright so i did it :slight_smile:

I have changed the Settersystem to take a seperate Variable for each Movementfunction.

For MoveRight:

For MoveForward:

Here are the Setters:

Gettin the bIsMoving Value:

And finally put the SetIsMoving Function in Tick to check it each Frame.

So yeah thats it :slight_smile: