"Oblivion" Short movie un Unreal Engine

worked on this during the pandemic in UE4.25
started as rnd and inspired by camping holiday memories its something between a tech demo and an artwork

Hope You like it

Full Project ArtStation - Oblivion


Amazing work!

Lovely short :smiley:

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Looks amazing… need more!

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This is amazing stuff! What did you use for your ocean given this was in 4.25? Self made?

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Thank You :smiley:
Yes its Self made

Does this use ray tracing?

Yes, except translucency

This is excellent . Would love to see a tutorial or an in-detail making of. The skill set and the creative excellence is far beyond what most of us able to achieve with the same tool.

very nice

Very nice! Did you use Megascans for the assets, or is everything home-made?

This was simply Amazing!