Obligatory RPG Island

Seems like every time I build something I learn something new and then start all over from scratch with the new knowledge but then I learn something else and then… Is it just me?
So After a couple of days with UE4 I recreated one of my UDK projects. This is a custom shaped Island that was weathered in World Machine 1.25
Landscape resolution is 2017x2017 scaled to 150x150x75
There is only the terrain and the water. No meshes of any kind (aside from the third person starter kit at the center of the world). All the color and detail is coming directly from the landscape material.
Personal milestones:
Figured out how to get specular on a translucent material
Landscape material:
Four total texture samples. Two for color and two for normals
Automatic normal detection to reveal stone on steeper sections. Not really a big deal I know but I mention because:
Accomplished with only 103 instructions and uses only 11 MB of memory.
Imgur crushes the darks and spoils some of the lighting… :confused:
Click for larger image: