Obligatory Ocean / Water Material Thread (Tessellated, Translucent, Reflection)

Hi everyone, after a heap of experimenting and failed attempts, my first ocean / water material is starting to take shape!
I decided to base it on a combination of ideas from multiple people’s threads / videos.
I am using Gerstner waves powering the tessellation combined with a semi-realtime updating cubemap (based upon Hourences’ sea in Solus) to allow for a translucent shoreline.
Anyway here is where I am at right now and I will be updating this thread as I add features :slight_smile:
reminder that I am insanely new to ocean shaders haha and ignore my horrible fps, my pc is getting quite old now!


Looks fantastic. I’m loving the shore.

Looks awesome, DylserX! Have you thought about water/caustics? Super impressed with some of the work done in regards to water shaders as of late. Also, any plans on releasing a tutorial or marketplace package? There’s definitely a niche that needs to be filled!

Thanks for the kind words guys, Yes I have been thinking about creating an in-depth tutorial so far and have been preparing that as on late :slight_smile: , still a little bit to go tough :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and yeh i have also been thinking about Caustics :slight_smile: have to get my head around them hehe

Great Work! Looking forward to a Tutorial to learn more about it :slight_smile:

Was the intention behind the material blueprint screenshot to allow us to try it out? If so, the screenshot is too small and I can’t make out the majority of the nodes.