OBJs from Houdini

Hi there,

I pivot on Houdini as my main processing application. I’ve had a lot of problems with OBJs coming out of Houdini and various errors reported in Reality Capture. The latest error I get is “Out of Memory” when trying to texture the OBJ.

To fix it I need to wash the OBJs through Maya which is another step in the process, but it always fixes the models.

Here’s a link to Two sets of OBJs (“_Clean” is the post-maya OBJ - simply imported into maya and exported, no further processing involved)


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Matt Hermans

Electric Lens Co.

I would hazard the guess that Houdini for some reason or another doesnt generate proper .obj files.

Or at least it doesn’t play by the rules and does its own thing.


I found this in a thread:

The Houdini OBJ exporter is kind of unique. They group all the vertices up front in the file then map out faces from that master vertices list. Most other exporters group the vertices with the faces in the file. This causes some programs to read in the file wrong or incompletely.

=> http://forums.odforce.net/topic/25800-problem-exporting-does-obj-exports-differently-from-houdini-then-from-other-software/ 


The last post in that thread seems to offer a solution for the issue. I haven’t checked it out in detail though as I don’t use Houdini.