Objects turning blue

I was building without any problems until suddenly half of my objects went blue? How do i remove this bugg? I will send pictures if needed

Edit: i have tryed to rebuild the hole map including lightning and mesh

Yep, would be good to see some pictures + some more information about your scene setup (which lights, effects, particles,…) → it could be that it’s due to a post process effect or the quality settings (change the quality settings to epic) :slight_smile:

I got some error uploading jpeg so here is a link to my cloud!406&v=3
Am just using normal point light and direct light would really appreciate the help

-what happens when you move the object?
-convert the bsp to a mesh and check if it’s still blue
-which engine version do you use?

If i move the object away from the blue zone its normal(white)
How do i convert?
i use engine 4.7.3 the latest

This is very strange the object material is white and so is the texture. But error coloring caused a very big bugg . Ive turned error coloring of but its still blue

-is there a volume or something else around that “blue zone”?
-in the details panel you have to click on the arrow - create static mesh
-make sure to report your problem on answerhub: :slight_smile:

Would be easier for both of us if we could skype so i can stream my screen.

You can add me there, but atm I wont be abel to talk (pretty late here in Austria ^^) -> but tomorrow evening I will have time to talk :slight_smile:

Sound good sir huge fan of Austria btw i watch Big lez show and all. Il wait until tomorrow then . Already added u btw

Ok, we solved it, but we dont know how exactly we got rid of the blue colour :stuck_out_tongue:

We just added a lightmass importance volume + rebuild the light again