Objects Triggering my Trigger from 10 meters away?

I have no idea what’s going on but when my boxes spawn they get so close to the trigger if you want to call it close…and the box is triggered when they clearly have not overlapped it in any way.

So it’s actually firing it twice, once before it reaches the trigger and a second time after it reaches the trigger

Update: As long as the trigger stays at that x location the box will always trigger it regardless of the y location…If I move it up or down it will stop playing

and it’s not even triggering it at that x location, it’s triggering it before it gets to the triggers x location

So I figured it out, simple noob mistake on my part actually. The cause of it was actually a widget I had attached to a socket. It was the bounds of that widget that was setting it off, I had forgotten to remove it when I decided not to display the numbers on the boxes

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