Objects (Textures) in a path to an array?

Hi, I’ve tried my luck on the answer hub but have had no answer yet.

I want to be able to collect assets from a folder into an array which I can then use to switch textures on a material.

My Textures folder has about 80 images in - I could painstakingly add each one to an array using defaults, but someone tell me there must be an easier way? - Surely this is what OOP is all about?

I also have a folder full of static meshes which i’d like to be able to do something similar with.

I’d be very grateful if someone cleverer than me could help out here.

FYI - i’ve tried making an Object Library but (a) it still won’t populate itself, and (b) if it could, I can’t see how to copy the elements inside it to an array.

Thanks Very Much in advance.


I dont think this is possible right now without maybe someone writing a plugin that does something like this.

As far as i know, ryanjon is correct. I thought i saw a video from Rama showing and browsing folders in UE4 so he might be able to help you.,_Create_Folders,_Delete_Files,_and_More

Thanks, I’ll have to think of some other way of doing it. It can be done in code I’m sure.