Objects snapping around when moved in Editor? Can't find a solution

Hi everyone, I couldnt’ find this in the forums and I hope someone can help me.
When I try to move objects around they seem to snap around or fly away from the manipulator, especially when i cross other objects in the scene.
I disabled actor snapping in the viewport. This seems to happen in all viewports, not just perspective.
Has anyone encountered this or has any ideaS?
Thanks for any help you can offer.

  • does it happen only when the actor intersects other geometry?
  • is there anything funky in the Construction Script?
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Hi, it seems to happen when I intersect objects yes. Im not sure about the construction script, my partner on this project made it. Is there something I should look out for?

The Construction Script keeps firing when you drag that actor around. Perhaps the script inside is trying to find a suitable / non-colliding location for the actor and goes a bit bonkers when it fails.

Have a look at what it does. It might be it, it might be something else.