objects selectable as switch (linetrace?)

Hi All,

Sorry for the vague description.

I’m looking to have objects in the world selectable as buttons, I know how to use widgets as buttons and the sort but It’d be grand to have objects touch/clickable to trigger an event. distance from object isn’t so important.

The ideal situation is this, a stationary pawn in a 360 render, I’d have objects in the scene that when touched would trigger things like material changes. I can do the material changes, just not sure about having objects as buttons.

I’ve heard about line trace in a few tutorials but I’m not too sure what process or nodes I should be looking at. Can you point me in the right direction or a relevant one at least?

Please feel free to ask for further clarification if I’m not clear enough, many thanks for any help.

I figured this out myself, linetrace for object, linking to the object in the blueprint, in this case spheres and when they are hit it triggers whatever event I need.