Objects moving out of keyframes in Sequencer

So this issue has only started cropping up for me and is starting to get annoying. I’m making a sequence for something in the game, and whats happening is, i will set a keyframe and the object (in this case a CameraActor) doesnt follow it.


Rotation on Z axis is 0
Set a keyframe at start
Set a keyframe when i want it to start rotating
Keyframe at +2 seconds with Z axis rotation at 180

So that should hit the 2nd keyframe, then rotate straight to 180 degrees in 2 seconds. Whats happening is, the asset is sort of “bouncing”. In the 2 seconds between keyframes, it is rotating past 180, then slowly settles back to the correct rotation at the keyframe. It is doing this for other objects as well, like doors etc

Can anyone offer advice on how to stop this?

you may have to look at it’s animation curves, it’s probably got automatic stuff going on

Thanks man, that has solved it. Havent changed anything to manual from automatic, but viewing the curves for keyframes i can adjust it better