Objects moving along spline via a looping timeline are snapping to origin at begin play and the beginning of each loop

I am creating a simple solar system implementation with ‘space body’ objects that create a trajectory and follow it in a loop. They have a mesh and a spline component. The spline is generated with location vectors from real data. The mesh moves along the spline using a timeline component. At begin play and at the beginning of every loop of the timeline, the object snaps back to the origin and moves to what I intended to be the starting point. I’ve included a gif and a link to a blueprintUE copy of the blueprint, as well as an image of the timeline logic (included in blueprintUE graph as well).

Blueprint Graph

Gif of zoomed out scene showing spline points and objects with a full cycle


partial graph showing timeline logic:

A real quick look at that and I’m wondering if you should be using ‘world’ in the spline distance node…

Also a couple of questions:

  1. Is the end of the spline connected to the beginning?

  2. Does the timeline go 0-1 or does it go 0-1-0?

Thank you! Your two points directed my thinking to help fix this particular error. I think you’ve pointed out some other issues I need to deal with too, but that’s another story.

I added a spline component and added all my points from my data table, but I never dealt with the initial spline point being at the origin (or close enough to cause this). Calling ‘Clear Spline Points’ on the component before adding new points got everything working as intended.

Solution to this was to call ‘Clear Spline Points’ on my spline component before adding new points from my data source to build the orbit.