Objects moves instantly to target location when using FloatingPawnMovement


I think I’ve discoverred bug in 4.8.1. Pawn move instantly (in one frame) to given location when using FloatingPawnMovement component. Repro steps:

  1. Create floor object. Add NavMeshBoundsVolume
    2)Create new blueprint that inherits from Pawn
    3)Add sphere component to newly created BP.
    4)Add FloatingPawnMovement component to newly created BP
  2. Zero all values in “Floating Pawn Movement” category of FloatingPawnMovement component
  3. Add this network to BP. Make shoure that Goal pin is set up to point on floor object.
    7)Place BP on floor object.
  4. Hit PIE. Notice that object is instantly in Goal position even after setting its Max Speed to 0 in point 5


Hi Buyaka,

I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior here. Does this happen in a new project for you, or only your current project? Can you upload a small test project here for us to look at? Thanks!

Hi ,

I’ve created new project for You so You can test it yourself. Just hit play and see how sphere moves instatntly from middle of floor to its corner inspite having speed set to very small value.
link text


did You inspected my project? Are You able to reproduce bug?

Hi Buyaka,

Sorry for delay. Yes, we reproduced it in your project, and I’ve been talking to developers about it. It sounds like it’s a bug, and we’ll have more information for you soon.

So it’s not my imagination :wink: Thanks and keep me updated.

Hey Buyaka,

Thanks for your report! I spoke with developers and they’ve already identified and fixed bug with FloatingPawnMovement. We’re tracking it with UE-18613 in hopes that we can integrate it for 4.9 release. Here’s GitHub link if you need to integrate it into your own source build earlier:


Thanks again!