Objects Interaction with Animation

I’m new to creating controls within Unreal, mainly been using it to design environments you can walk through in VR. I’m now trying to build something for the player to interact with. I’m trying to create a stick and ball that can interact with each other. I would like to charge the stick by putting it into a specific location in the level, this should add some kind of animation to the stick. It would be similar to taking an arrow putting it into a flame that would add fire animation to the tip, like the Lab demo. After the stick has the animation on it I want to be able to take the ball and drop it onto the stick but once it touches the stick the ball should start to repel from the stick with it’s own animation now on the ball. The idea is that you would be able to have the ball floating above the stick. it should be a balancing act, so if you move the stick the ball should fall to the ground. I’m not sure where to start with this, I’ve been going through the tutorials and live streams but I’m not sure where to focus my search. If you could point me in the right direction it would be a huge help!