Objects going though ground when I drag out

As I drag objects from the content browser into my level they shoot out to what seems like a set distance. they do net settle on the grid either. if I hit the “END” key they do how ever drop to my levels collision. the only way I have been able to get objects into my level with little hasstle is to drag them out onto different objects that are already in the scene, other objects seem to stop their path though they go through the actual level shells.
I do have “snap new objects to floor” enabled.

Hello DJH-

Thank you for your report. You are correct in that items pulled from the content browser are placed along a radius from the viewport camera unless interrupted by an object already placed in scene. Though this behavior is by design, I am not sure I understand what you mean when you say that objects go through the level shell. Could you provide some examples of the meshes you are using that cause the problem for you?


thank you for your response
when I drag an item out into my level it goes though it even though I have “snap new objects to floor” checked.
but if i bring it above the floor and hit the “end” key it does drop down to the collision
any thoughts?


Taking another look at your situation, what you are describing is the expected functionality of the editor. We would be happy to take ideas for feature requests if you feel there is a more efficient way for this to work. Do you have any thoughts on how to make the workflow of object placement better that I could pass on?


in all other copies of unreal in my class - any object that is dragged into the view port from the content browser is brought out to the nearest collision.
when I drag objects out, it is though there is no collision there and the object goes though my floor/wall/ceiling
there is definitely collision there though because if I manually bring the object above the floor and hit the “end” key it will drop down to the floor as it should.
all collision is hand made in max and imported along with the object. I can walk on it and projectiles bounce off of it, objects dragged out from the CB just go right through though

Hey DJH-

There are a few questions I’d like to ask to try and get to the root of this issue. Have you had this happen across multiple projects or only while working in a specific project? Also, What are your walls and floors and objects made from (BSP vs mesh)? One other cause I can think of would be the location of the pivot of your object. When an object is pulled from the content browser, it is the pivot that snaps into place. That means that if the pivot is off center from the object, it could cause alignment/placement issues. If you could also include a screenshot of the collision section from your object’s Details window it could help us identify the cause.