Objects disappear when moving camera

Hi guys. I am new here and I have a problem. When I place any sort of object and move camera object becomes invisible. What can cause this ?

Can you do a gif?

Imgur: The magic of the Internet here it is

Ok, very weird. Is that a basic editor plane? Does it work in a default new level?

Try increasing the bounds to 10

This is the solution if anyone is interested.
I have no idea why I experience this inconsistently. One level sequence works just fine and another culls an SK when any camera is too close.

It just depends on what the fustrum calling function returns. Could be a billion reasons why.
Top one is different camera settings.

Found another post that explains it. The root bone is culled when it’s outside the camera frustum.

Im not sure that’s entierly accurate for skeletal meshes.
If it were, then all of my animated trees would disappear as soon as the camera is past the root bone, but the fronds are all still visible, so it must be some other way/reason.