Objects disappear when move selection

Hello everybody,

I recently created some levels for level streaming. But there is a problem when I move spline actors between the levels in the same main level (persistent level). So this is what I do:

  1. I select the spline actors(blueprint) which I want to have in another sub level from the actor list. (From the level World02).
  2. I select the level in the levels windows where I want to have my objects moved (in this case the persistent level).
  3. After the persistent level is marked as “current level” I right click on the actor list, and click on “Level>Move Selection to current Level”.
  4. And when I look at the actor list again some objects are remaining but some of them got deleted somehow.

It’s really weird, I hope my explaination and problem is understandable. If not, I will try to explain it more clearly.

Hi frezer748,

Which version of the editor are you currently using?

Hey Adam,
thanks for your reply. I’m currently using UE4 4.6.1.

best regards

Hi frezer748,

Are you selecting the whole spline or just the start/end point when moving? Additionally is the level set to visible?

Well yeah I selected the whole spline and also I made sure that the persistent level (where I want to assign the splines) is visible as well as the World02 (where the splines are currently placed).

best regards

I guess I found the problem, it looks like one spline was in another level called World01, and all other splines were in level World02, now I wanted to move all the splines to the persistent level. But when I do so, than all splines (or the most) get deleted. So it looks like when I want to move actors from 2 different levels to the persistent level it deletes all of them. Is this a bug or is there a thinking leak on my side?

I also have another problem with my splines. Sometimes when I change something on my level or import models into the content browser my splines getting buggy. Well the spline lines remain at the same location as they should, but the objects are actually moving. I could fix it by just move all splines to another level and than back again and they should be back. Could this be a blueprint problem mistake? Here are two screenshots of my problem:
This one shows the problem (bottom right the spline object which got highlighted, middle left the actual spline) :

Here is the blueprint of the spline:

anyone got an idea what problem it could be?

best regards

Hi frezer748,

I am a bit confused, as the image you posted looks like a single spline blueprint that you are moving. As I understand it:

  1. You have two different spline blueprints that you are attempting to move
  2. These two are on two different sublevels
  3. When you attempt to move them both at the same time to the persistent level, they disappear/get deleted.

In addition, the individual components of your splines are moving despite the spline itself being stationary. Is this spline in a sublevel or in the persistent level?

Hey Adam,

well in screenshot 1 is it only a single blueprint spline I attempt to move. And it’s linked to world02, so this spline is in a sublevel. I can fix the problem normally by just move the spline/splines from one level to another and than it will positionate the spline components again to the right location of the spline.

So there are 2 different problems, the first one was if I move two different splines from two different sublevels to the persistent level than they get deleted.
And the other problem(with the screenshots) is when I import something to the content browser or save everything, my spline components get moved but the spline tangents/lines are still in place. This one I can fix by just move the spline which is bugged to another level and than back again, so the components have the right position again.

best regards

Hi frezer748,

I was able to reproduce this and have entered a bug report, UE-9539 to be assessed by the development staff.