Objects dimensions

Hey guys,
How do I know the dimensions of an actor (for example a cube) I need this information in order to build my level procedurally… is it the value of the Scale part of the Transform?

Get Component Bounds node gives you the dimensions of the farthest points of the bounding box of your mesh.

OK thanks…
but how can I set the size of the object?

For that you need to use Set Scale function. 1,1,1 is the original size of the mesh, meaning you cant set dimensions of an object but just scale it’s size. You can still do what you want by using Get Component Bounds function though. You can use that value to set the distance between your procedurally generated objects.

OK man…thank you!
So you need to know the size of the mesh you are importing or using (in my case it’s just the UE cube which is 100UU) and then you scale it by (wanted_width_in_units)/(initial_width_in_units) to get your desired width.

Here is a video on how to do it: