Objects being lit without lights or an emissive texture

Hello, I am having an issue with lighting, even with the directional light deleted lighting is still showing…I have included a video of the issue I am having… even if I bring in a cube it still lights. I switch back and forth from lit and unlit in editing and its the same thing. you shouldn’t be able to see the object in the video if there was no lighting.

Thank you

You have a skylight in your scene.
(You also have a fog in your scene, this may sometimes add “brightness” to objects.)
Finally, you also have a folder named LightSource, and you’re not showing us whether it’s empty or not.
So, I’m not at all surprised your object is lit!

TY, even with the skylight turned off it was still rendering…I deleted it and it’s all looking good now…

lighting data can be stored in the light map so once the lighting is built you don’t need lights at all. If you remove all of the lights you need to rebuild the lighting to remove the light map.

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