objects appears displaced

Hi friends, I made this blueprint to change objects by click. However, the objects appear far from the correct place. How could I fix this?
Thank you

It sounds like the pivot point is in different places.

You can check by putting all the mesh in a level at once at the same location.

Yes, the pivot point is in different places. I don’t know how to fix this in static mesh. I can fix pivot in actor (set as pivot offset) but not in static mesh

Easiest way it to get a plugin:

( not mine btw ).

The other way is to make the meshes into blueprints, then you can put the mesh in the right place in the blueprint, just by moving it around…

I like blueprints solution. Thank you!

Another solution possibly is to go into an external software (I.E. Blender/Maya/3DSMax) and manually place the origin of the object where it belongs.
This can be done with any item you have, simply by exporting the mesh first, fixing it in the appropriate software, and then reimporting it.