Objective Counter

Hi Guys! I have a doubt that, however simple it may seem I can not solve. I’ll try to explain:

I have a HUD that is an objective counter

What I would do is add 1 every time I complete a goal.

So I I linked a function to the text “0” of my HUD.

Below is the blueprint of goals that, in theory, keep the same base, only changing actors and cinematics.

The question is: How do I add 1 to the value of my HUD so I complete the goal? And again, as I do this in a way not linear because it does not have an order of goals. That is, I can do the objectives in the order I want because the important thing is to complete the 10.

Thank you!

I don’t speak Portuguese, so it’s a bit difficult to decipher your blueprints. However, I assume “Charadas Resolvidas” is “Puzzles Resolved” and “Soma” sounds like “Sum”. I don’t know what “Contador de Charadas” is, but it doesn’t sound like a game mode. Preferably this stuff should be in the game mode.

Anyways, store the return value of the Create Widget node, then use that to set the text block in the HUD to the counter from Contador_de_Charadas.