Object Vs World Control

So. I was just thinking, to what degree do people work with world blueprint vs object blueprint when it comes to object interaction.

The main thing I am thinking about is that all logic set up in a level really need to be level unique since you can’t migrate it.

I can imagine the way light turn on/off blink etc when you press a button, that an elevator breaks down during use.

But more generic thing, like a button being pressable should be a button blueprint, a door a door blueprint, while the actuall exposed signals could be hooked up trough the level blueprint.

So the level is essentially a way to hook the objects together, not to state functionality.

Am I thinking right, otherwise you will end up redoing basic logic as soon as there is a level change.


you can always put your level logic into a manager type of blueprint that has no physical shape in level. with that you can use all the logic you like.