Object Type and Collision Responses on Edit Profile dialog reset after save

Branch: Binary
Build Version: 4.0.1-2027741

Repro Steps

  1. Launch Editor, open Edit->Project Settings window.
  2. Go to Engine->Collision->Preset section.
  3. Add a new custom collision profile or edit a previously added custom profile and change ObjectType and Collision Responses from their default values. e.g.

  1. Press Accept button to close Add/Edit Profile dialog.
  2. Press Set As Default button to save changes to DefaultEngine.ini, if you check .ini you’ll see your changes have indeed been saved.
  3. Select custom profile you just created or edited and press Edit button, note that your previous changes to ObjectType and Collision Responses have been discarded. e.g.

While you’re fixing this please clean up inconsistent naming on this settings page:

  • section name is Collision Channels, but description and tooltips talk about Object Types and Object Type Channels.
  • section name is Preset but description and add/edit dialogs talk about Profiles while tooltips talk about Presets.

Hey enlight,

Thanks for your report! This is a known issue, and I’ve informed developer of your notes on it.

Thanks again, and please continue to let us know when you run into bugs!


As of 4.2 this issue is still unresolved. Any update?

Hey ,

I can confirm that this has been fixed in our internal build, and will likely be working as expected in 4.3. I do not have a confirmed date for 4.3 yet, but it should be coming very soon.


Thanks !

An update on this issue.

As of 4.3 preview; settings do persist. How ever they only ever write to user Engine.ini file. project settings window states that settings will be saved into defaults that is currently incorrect. save to default button is greyed out so you can’t set it yourself. I had to copy and paste them into defaults in order to get change into our depot.

This needs just a little more of that elbow grease.

/ Kyle

Hey Kyle,

Thanks for update. Currently, settings are being saved to Project in \Saved\Config\Windows\Engine.ini. This is default for that project, and it is set automatically (no need to Set as Default). If you need these Object Channels, Trace Channels, and Presets transferred to another project, you should be able to Export them and Import them into other project without any problems.

We don’t have any settings that transfer between projects, though you can set defaults way you mentioned if you need to create many projects with same settings, by copying them into actual engine defaults rather than Project defaults. I don’t believe Set as Default button is actually doing anything at moment, though I’m looking into that now.


Are contents of Saves\ intended to be versioned? I thought you would want changes to be saved into PROJECT\Config\DefaultEngine.ini

Are you using a Mac?

Nope Windows.

Just trying to add some new collision and trace profiles that I can check into perforce.

This particular issue seems to permeate everything in project settings that are under a section that has “These settings are always saved in default configuration file, which is currently writeable”.

Input mapping changes do not seem to go into Config\DefaultInput.ini either.

Unless we’re supposed to be checking in \Saved\Config dir?

This issue is in both 4.2.1 and 4.3.0-preview on windows

My Mistake, Game\Config\DefaultInput does get saved correctly. However Game\Config\DefaultEngine.ini is not updated with collision response profiles.

According to this answer \Saved\Config\Windows\Engine.ini should not be checked in. That means that profiles must go into DefaultEngine.ini.

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According to this answer \Saved\Config\Windows\Engine.ini should not be checked in. That means that profiles must go into DefaultEngine.ini.

Hey ,

Sorry for delay in response. What that post suggests is that putting Saved\Config in your depot would change all personal settings for everyone, and anytime anybody made a change and checked it in, it would change it for everyone. For now, copying and pasting into defaults might be your best solution.

It does seem odd that collision channels and other settings like that would be considered personal settings. I’m going to look into this a bit further and, if we’re not missing anything, put in a feature request for developers. Thanks for your patience!

As far as I can tell this is just a different bug.



I’m using Ue4.24.3 and this bug still persists today: 06/09/2020