Object that doesn't affect the vision of the pawn sensing

Hello everyone!

Today I asked to myself if it’s possible to make a static object that doesn’t affect the pawn sensing, in fact, this object can be visible for the player and has a collision but will be not affected by the pawn sensing and will act like an invisible object so that the pawn sensing can see through it.

Thanks if you are helping me!
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Someone correct me if I’m wrong here,
but you have to specifically code pawn sensing to do something with what it senses.
Ergo, if you don’t specifically code anything to happen when whatever object is sensed nothing will happen anyway…

So, are you maybe asking if its possible for the object to block the sensing - like a cube you hide behind or similar?

ignoring said cube so the AI can sense behind it anyway?

You’re correct. He’ll need to write code that will either exclude the object type or do additional checks/traces that ignore it.

Thank you for your response! I will do that …