Object spawned from Server invisible to server.

The object is replicated to clients, the clients can see it, but it’s invisible to the server, and in a limbo state, where it exists but it’s not accessible nor addressable by any means. It is spawned 1 second after the start of the game, all clients are connected.

Since I don’t seem to be able to upload more than 1 image to the forum, i’ve posted those on Imgur : http://imgur.com/a/BHxO4

Has anyone got this bug too ?

does the object got a movement component? is the child objects inside blueprint also replicated?

The object has no movement component, but not all child objects inside of it are replicated.

they don’t have to. in hierarchy the top object… or simply the one that will be moved -needs to be replicated and got replicated movement. replicated movement also replicates the transform made by physics simulation. Your setup seems good.

show me how you spawn the object? When spawning a replicated object you spawn it ONLY on the server. not multicast, nor use simple event. a reliable event run on server. it will exist on all clients if done that way. by screens it seems you simply spawn it directly on client. so the replication of actor is unrelevant as server will not recognize it.

If it comes from the client, then the client calls the server to spawn the object. Otherwise, if it’s the server, it spawns it directly. I use the Spawn object from class, with a transform and class supplied, always spawn regardless of collisions, I don’t specify the owner or instigator.
Also, I have a message that plays when the actor is spawned, and it plays on both ends correctly.

When I had problem like this once and had everything set up correctly. I had to save all files. close the editor. close the engine. restart the computer. after this run the project- worked like a charm. sometimes UE4 doesnt reload/recompile objects properly for some reason.
can you post screen with server spawn event? entire chain of events? I’ll try to help

Thanks, here is the entire chain : http://imgur.com/a/8iMNE

The error was on Switch on Role : Remote Role = Authority doesn’t mean it’s server. Use Is Server instead.