Object Scale, Movement, and Grid Placement

So I have created 3 modular architectural pieces all of which are 900 cm x 900 cm and 420 cm tall. I have centered all the objects in 3ds and set up the pivot to be centered. I have converted everything to a mesh and unwrapped my assets. I export and import all 3 models as FBX, that works perfectly fine. Now I face my issues;

  1. I drag all 3 of my models to the scene and the scale of the objects are about 3x smaller than they should be, although they are properly scaled in 3ds .
  2. I center all my objects to 0,0,0, I have 10 units snapping on (I simply have the default UE4 UI setup), when I slide one model to line up (end to end) with another object, they either over lap by 1 unit, or have a gap of 1 unit.

When all of my models are divisible by 10, why do I have this gap? It’s VERY hard to perfectly line up all of my models (doors, hallways, stairs etc) when everything is slightly off. I’ve modeled everything perfectly and using whole numbers divisible by 10. So snapping set to 10 should work! What am I missing?

  1. have you also exported them with the correct size? -> in the export settings you have to choose cm :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply . Whilst that DID ultimately work and now pieces are lining up (for now), all the pieces are miniature, like a center for ants. Alas, this is for people. I double and then triple checked my work in 3ds and I set it up that a unit is equal to 30 cm. I use cm settings and everything is right, look at it in feet and it’s great (40’x40’). Export and then import into UE4. Everything is miniature. I literally have to scale it up to 40x.

I answered my own question when I said that it was 40x40 and I had to scale it up 40x.

Even though custom units are set to 30cm, it only exports it as 1 unit (30x30cm). So you can model using custom units, but you MUST set the fbx exporter to CM not matter what!

One more thing! Not that it’s not something that I can’t overcome by just using 1 unit movement, but where is a great place to place the pivot on my models? Back to the lining up issue, if the pivot isn’t right, it’s very tricky and clumsy to line up models.

I haven’t messed around with modular meshes yet, but my plan is to place the origin at a bottom corner of wall for example.