Object Rotation goes Crazy

Hey guys

I’m really not good with timelines it seems but I’m trying to make an object that sits on it’s corner sorta like the below crudely drawn illustration and I want it to rotate around the Y and X axis’ simultaneously so it looks like it “barrel rolls” around itself.


But with what I got right now it spins around really fast in all directions uncontrollably and jerks around when it reaches certain values. It’s understandable I’d think since what I do is probably totally wrong.

Point 1: 0,0
Point 2: 10, 360


Any help? :slight_smile:

In my first read I was wrong and thought that your problem was about undertanding Yaw and Pitch and Roll parametres, but I was wrong.

Here’s a short list of things I would check

  • Try use “play on start”, so in this case you always will start from start of the time.
  • Try only a simple parameter and check if it work as intended. Is easier find a problem with only one parameter that with 3.
  • Other thing… have you tryed with “set actor rotation” instead “set world rotation”? Or event get actor rotation (or how it is called) instead world rotation.

I can’t help you so much. I am totally sure that you have more practice than me.

When I adjust my “Roll” in the editor, it rotates around itself just like I want it to.
When I adjust my “Roll” in the Blueprint, it rotates differently. Very annoying.

Well turns out I had to adjust the Actors Rotation instead of the Mesh.

You could also put a Rotator Component onto it.