Object Reference not compatible with Object reference?

Im working on a statbar system for my UI. While making a custom eve, I am unable to connect it to my playerreference. They are both set to third person character object references, and I need them to connect or else this wnt work, help?

A screenshot would go a long way in seeing the issue you’re having. It sounds like you may need to cast your character reference as the specific third person character but it’s just a guess without seeing.

As Chumble said, without knowing the code it is not easy to help.

I had a similar issue tho, if you have the same, it might help you. I was creating an instance of my user-umg object and could not directly cast to that instance by using creatw widget node output for some reason. Instead i promoted it to a variable which was a specific type and then I could use that for casting.

the problem I’m having is getting “Array Element” in (For Each Loop) to connect to “Target” in (is Talking Set bool)

As you can see I get an error when I try to make the connection and I’m following along with this tutorial

I figured it out you half to Cast to the_thing you want to change the variable in before changing the variable