Object Reference is not Compatible with Object Reference

I downloaded a plugin online that was made for an earlier version of Unreal and I have to update this issue. Essentially there is a function input that is referencing an Actor in a different blueprint and that was originally used to set the variable that gets the plugin to work. This is an Actor Component Blueprint so my question is how would I get it to connect like it did before.Here are some images of the code for clarity.

Hi @omaneboateng1

I am looking at your pictures, I kind of understand what you mean, but as the pictures do not flow its hard to tell.

Check that each instance of the BP Rail Base variables are set to object reference NOT class reference. As it is an older version of unreal I’m not so familiar with the icons.

Make sure you have no duplicated BP Rail Base blueprints, more than one in different locations could cause an issue as they are 2 separate class blueprints.

Other than that i cannot see why it wont connect as before.
Can you screen shot what happens when you try to connect? The tooltip should tell you more information.

Sorry I cant help more than that, if the project was small maybe you could upload it and i could take a look.