Object pooling


while working on my game I’ve developed general actor/object pooling manager. What it does is that it keeps a list of preallocated object instances which are reused during gameplay. I.e. instead of creating and destroying an actor every time it activates/deactivates it.
I’m thinking of releasing the code as a plugin to the marketplace.
Would this be useful for you in your project? Would you like to see it on the marketplace?

Thank you for your answers,


This would be useful to me :slight_smile:

Hi Jiri.Dockal

I blueprinted a generic Object Pool here. A LIFO Stack using a Array could do the trick by push/popping data as needed, not certain a Plug-in is needed to implement the object pool design pattern. Perhaps, if the Plug-in goes offers some additional optimizations such as *Level of Detail, Instanced Mesh Conversion, Process Minimization *or other management.