Object Pooling - Endless Runner (Blueprints)

Hey all,

I am doing a university project for optimization in games and object pooling is a criteria. We have barely been shown it though, and when I look for it online I only find paid plugins or unity tutorials. I want to learn it for myself and to use it in future. In this project I have my tile, an obstacle, an enemy, 3 powerups and a moving actor. Could anyone point me in the right direction? It will of course be credited, thanks!

In the Unreal Marketplace is a Free Project called “ActionRPG”. It has a Player, spawning Enemys, three Powerups :).

It is a UnrealExample.

I higly recommand to add/download this.

Hey, it’s not available anymore. So not an option. Thank you

I don’t know if this helps any, but you might try this for some of the project: https://gamedevacademy.org/action-rpg-unreal-engine-tutorial/

Yes. The idea is to “pool” objects by having the player click and drag a blue grid to create a “pool” that can be used by the other players to store their objects. A player can use any number of objects, but each object is represented by only a single item on screen at a time. There are many advantages for