Object placement as actor or component

I want to make a buildable (runtime) taxiway.

I have a tile with 2000x2000 units which the user can place tile by tile. The tile has 4 sockets in the middle of each side. When the user selects to build a tile a ghost building will be spawned. For snapping I test for collision on each socket with a sphere trace an if another taxiway is found, I calculate the nearest socket on the already placed tile and snap it to it.

Is there anything wrong with that idea? Or could this reached simpler in any way?

My main question is, should this taxiway tile a component of an overall actor which holds all taxiway tiles or should this be a blueprint for every tile. In future I have to implement waypoints, for planes which drive on these yellow lines you see on every airport. Maybe I could make one actor for all tiles, and can handle the waypoints in this actor too?

How would you do this?


Nobody has an idea or tip?