Object noise

Hello, I want to make object which will make noise, but how to “Cast to” to my AI? I can cast noise only from my character but i havn’t idea how to make this from object.

Sorry this doesn’t make any sense to me.

“NewBlueprint” makes the noise and “Guard1” should hear it? Then connect Instigator to the object pin.

If you want to make “Guard1” to make a noise, the cast to NewBlueprint in OnHearNoise doesn’t make any sense.

Need more Info to help you.

I try this and it dont work, because newblueprint (object BP) doesn’t inherit from pawn

guard1 is only AI which will hunt you, he must to hear you and objects which you move.

Your “NewBlueprint” is not a Pawn Actor. It has to be a Pawn.

Thank you!