Object Moving, but Location Vector Not Changing

Having the most unusual problem. I set my object (A Pong paddle) at a location for the outset by dragging it into the scene. I have a blueprint which is using “Add Impulse” to move the pong paddle up and down along the Y axis. However while this is happening, the paddle’s location vector is not changing at all. I can clearly see it moving up and down the Y axis, but the X, Y, and Z values are all remaining exactly the same.

I am checking on the location in two ways:

  1. Using “Get Actor Location” and printing the vector

  2. Selecting the Pong paddle from the list of objects while the game is running and viewing its details

In both cases, the location vector stays exactly the same, even as the paddle moves up and down. This is not happening for any other object - just the paddle. As you can imagine, it is messing up my calculations.

Does anyone know why/how an object could move without its location vector changing?

Thank you in advance!