Object movement issue

For making sue architecture interior render more real, I set skylight for static, directional light for stationary, spot light for static too. There are 4 chairs in my scene: they used same material. 2 chairs I set them static, another 2 chairs I set them moveable. After finishing lightmap building, these four chairs have different appear. Static chairs were more real, The moveable chairs were like fake. I want to show these 4 chairs to our customer that our chair can be stand and can be moved around the room. How can I show a total different color fake chairs round and round to our customer? That looks stupid! I have to go back to 3ds max and render many many frame!

I know what you mean. Can you show a picture?

You might try stationary for all lights, it has the benefits of static, but at least you can tweak the appearance afterward without baking.

Did you lower the “Volumetric Lightmap Detail Cell Size”?
It is 200 by default.
If you didn’t decrease it earlier try decreasing it to 20 and increasing the value below it to 60. Don’t remember the full name right now but it denotes memory.

The mobility of the chairs although having the same name as lighting doesn’t mean the same. It means that your mobile chairs are meant to be moved around or replaced. If you want them to look the same then make either all of them static or all of them movable. Only make them movable if you want to move them around. There is also a tick box in the settings where you can “light them as static”. If you tick that then their lighting will be baked like for a static mesh and when you move them around they won’t dynamically change the lighting.

For the lights: only set them to mobile if you want to move the light around. You don’t need a mobile if you have mobile static meshes in the scene. You only need a mobile light if you want to move the light around. Stationary lights will cast a dynamic high quality shadow but you can’t move them around. You can change their colour values in runtime without having to rebake them. Static lights are static and can’t be moved and their values cannot be changed in real time. Check the Unreal documentation for more details.