Object linker crash when compiling in 4.8

I recently updated my project from 4.7 to 4.8, and now when I compile my blueprints using Session Frontend, I run into the following check fail:

The checkf outputs the string:

Detaching from existing linker for [...]/Interactables/BPA_Valve_OnlyOpen_OneOff.uasset while object AudioComponent [...]/Interactables/BPA_Valve_OnlyOpen_OneOff.Default__BPA_Valve_OnlyOpen_OneOff_C:Casualty Audio Component needs loaded

(Removed lengthy folder paths for readability)

This error consistently occurs when compiling BPA_Valve_OnlyOpen_OneOff, and since this blueprint was built and compiled in 4.7 without any issues I’m pretty confused as to what this means. Is this something to do with the blueprint’s AudioComponents somehow being corrupt or invalid? Can anyone clear up what exactly this error message indicates and how I can fix it?

Bump. We’ve a similar issue with 4.8-4.9 and our Character’s pawn blueprint now “needs loaded”, where before the game would package with few issues.

And I’ve posted our version of the problem here Game will Cook, not Package - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums