Object leaves trail while moving

I created a widget panel that is attached to a first person camera. The widget is an imported png. When looking around the widget leaves a trail. Any idea what setting this is? Thanks.

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+1 as i’m getting this with a few random things as well. niagara particle systems, metahumans facial hair. turning off motion blur helped but it’s still there.

Thank you for posting your intriguing question and thank you PURExKILL for posting one the viable solutions.

Motion blur can happen in a couple of places.

In your project settings under Engine/DefaultSettings.

In your player’s camera.

In a post processing volume in your level.

I hope this information gives you the a good idea on where else motion blur can occur.

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I disabled motion blue at the project level and checked the other places where motion blue can be set and it’s disabled there as well. That did not resolve the trails. I had a problem recently where glass material was causing artifacts from motion blur and turned that off for the material. What’s different about this, is that the trails seem to persist for longer than the motion blur artifacts persisted. Thanks.

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