Object isn't imported

LogLinker:Warning: CreateImport: Object ‘ItemSelected__DelegateSignature’ isn’t imported, because its outer is a placeholder. Archive: ‘[path]/myUMGWidget.uasset’

What am I supposed to do with this log warning?

I have 8 of these myself.

Yes, this can cause crashes.

Hi all,

This issue is apparently related to circular dependencies, but because the fix was API changing it could not be included in any of the 4.7 hotfixes. It should make it into the 4.8 release, unfortunately I don’t have a specific JIRA to check for status. If any of you are using source, this AnswerHub thread has the Github fix that you should be able to use right now, or you can wait for the 4.8 release which should be in the not too distant future.