Object Inspection System

[font=Century Gothic]Object Inspection System


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Marketplace Link: [FONT=Century Gothic]Here

[FONT=Century Gothic]● Fast and easy setup

● We can change the text on UI when we inspecting the object

● We can use every key combination for activating the inspection

● Keyboard,mouse drag or mouse click & drag can be use in inspection system

● User also change sensivity and may inverse the rotation of inspection

● Inspection distance and speed are also changable

[FONT=Century Gothic]An inspection system based on tps character blueprint in Unreal Engine 4. Perfect for horror game or rpg games.

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If you have any questions, let me know, I’m here to answer them all, or directly contact me via PM or at****

A direct piece from our own development tools. Sertac is an incredible & young programmer, hope this serves the Unreal community well :slight_smile: