Object in the middle - user to rotate it freely... how?

Hello UE4 Community!!

I want to make an Android build with the user just rotating an object in the middle of the screen and being able to zoom in and out (or at least just rotating). How can I set up the camera to do that?

Your tip would go a very long way!! Thank you all in advance!

Hi man , its quite easy !
Enable the input on your actor. using the node; enable input, add a get player controller 0 to the controller var.
Now search fot the “Mouse wheel down” event , the Mouse wheel up event, the mouse X and the mouse Y.
All these event fire when you mouse is used. so add at every right event your actions.
Instead of zooming with the camera, maybe you can just scale the object .
And sure, Add a relative rotation to your actor with the mouse X, Y, with the value of his movement.