Object from a image source

Hello, I just want to know if its possible to make a object/mesh from a image source like as in a 3d minecraft pickaxe but its from a just the 2d image of a pickaxe. I want to make tons of items but feel like it would be better for it to just be generated and that would make it easier to add a ton of more items without modeling every single one

Most likely what you’d do, if all you’ve got is an image of an object on a plane is that with Blueprints/coding you could automatically assign the texture from a library of items, so whenever you need to see the object, you’d just drop in a plane mesh and assign the correct texture for the object. You’d need additional coding to assign what item the object is and what it does.

is it possible to give it a thickness?
if you observe this pickaxe if you will you can notice a thickness on it,


I did the same thing before.I’ve wrote something like minecraft,Qubicle can create a Mesh & Texure just from a image by one click.

This is the video of my project, you can see the item model created by qubicle.

thank you so much, your noise for your minecraft version is beautiful almost identical to real minecraft

I bought that program and dude I am so grateful its just what I was asking for thank you so much.